If You Don’t Move at the Speed of Your Prospects, You Could Very Well Lose Them Forever…

One of the biggest obstacles in lead generation success is referred to as the “Interest Gap". This occurs when the amount of time spent after a prospect shows interest in your product to the time when you get back to them; if it is either too long, or not done properly, those prospects tend to lose interest.

Book It! ensures that once a prospect begins to look for more information, they receive the proper nurturing communication beginning within the golden window of 5-30 minutes after they have shown initial interest.


We continue with text, ringless voice mails and email communications to your prospects to make and keep appointments with your organization. We even do the scheduling for you!

Finally, we’ll notify you if there's an interested party coming in or logging on for a sales consultation.

If you're not involved in automated text messaging, there goes the boat, and you’re not in it.

  • Texting a prospect after initial contact can increase conversion rates by 112.6%.
  • SMS verification conversion rates are 250% higher than email verification.
  • Text message response rates are 209% higher than phone call response rates.
  • Text message confirmations convert (hello, read sales!) 295% more than phone call confirmations.

Database Re-Activation

We bet you have a list of old clients or contacts that you haven’t reached out to in a long time. You know they probably still love you; you just haven’t shown any love to them in a while. Let Book It! reach out to them as part of a database re-activation. We’ll even review and consult on your current list for free.


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Our marketing automation and nurturing platform. If it is right for you, we’ll work together to figure out how many appointments you can handle per month and design a program to match your requirements and accomplish your goals.

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