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Leads that are generated for you from Facebook, Instagram, Google or your database are also followed up through our automated process and then we can Book the Appointment!

Social Media

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Social Media

Reactivate Your Database

How big is your database?
Do you have potential customers right at your fingertips?

Many organizations have lists of 1,000-10,000 records. We can get between 3-10% to wake up using our platform after your list is appended.


  • 1000 record database

  • 5% response rate = 50

  • 60% of them show up for a meeting

  • 50% success rate to become a client/employee

Convert Your Database To Revenue-Generating Appointments

Text, Ringless Voice-Mails & Email

  • Texting a prospect after initial contact can increase conversion rates by 112.6%. (Leads360, Crazy Egg)

  • Sending 3 or more follow-up text messages to prospects increases conversions by as much as 328%. (Leads360, Crazy Egg)

  • The average SMS campaign conversion rate is 45%. (Salesforce)

  • Ringless voicemails generate 7-11% call back ratios (

  • 38% of US consumers report having been driven to action due to email (

Increase Conversations Across The Board!


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With My Mailed Media, you get the best of omnichannel marketing; effective time-tested direct mail marketing, and the latest cutting edge digital marketing technology.


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